Performing With Zestful Compression

Florent Ferreiro

“I wore these in between training and matches and enjoyed the tight, protective support around my legs. They helped me recover faster and I was able to repeat intense efforts during tough, competitive games.”

Florent Ferreiro, Captain of the USAM Handball Professional team, France

“I wore Zestful’s black compression socks while running the Spartan Beast 15 mile race last November and finished in the first quarter of the race…in four hours. I was nowhere near imagining I could do so well, and the gear sure helped me feel more comfortable and confident”. 

Tomas Léal, Spartan Obstacle Finisher, France


“Truly the best socks in comparison with other brands. I used them on training and during orienteering competitions. They’ve helped me keep everything in place down there. They fit so well, I actually forgot I was wearing them”. 

Lasse Kautto, Orienteering Competer, Finland



“I discovered Zestful recently, and I’m delighted with the product. I’ve used the compression socks in between intense work-out sessions and my recovery was great. A quality product that looks like it’s going to last… 

Elise Devoille, Runner and Blogger, France

“The best compression stocking I’ve tried. They provide a great recovery and a good running experience. You can feel the good quality as soon as you open the package. The sock fits perfectly on the calf and you really feel a good support and blood flow”.

Brian Vang Damm, Runner, Denmark  

“Excellent quality, helps recover and relieves heavy legs. I used them mainly for recovery and was happy with the results. Definitely worth a try!”

Julien, Runner & Blogger, France  

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