Sitting Will Screw You Up Unless You Do This
13 Nov

Sitting, The Most Dangerous Habit Of Our Time

I got a question for you:

Do you sit down at YOUR DESK most of the day? 

Well, that really sucks.

‘Cause you wouldn’t believe how bad it is for you.

“Yeah, yeah, I heard it all already… sitting is the new smoking and all. I bet you didn’t know I quit smoking a while ago…I can NEVER quit sitting. ”

But, I’m not here to tell you to quit sitting – that would be almost impossible anyway, unless you want to stand or lie down all day, which isn’t an improvement either way. 

Hear me out…

I just read that if you spend most of your time siting down at a desk for more than a decade, you double your chance of getting a major type of bowel cancer.

Sorry to break the news to you…

That’s probably the worse that could happen. Other downsides of sitting down most of the day include neck pain, poor circulation, blood clots, weaker muscles…

By most standards, sitting down most of the day isn’t IDEAL.

We Weren’t Born To Sit

We were born to run.

As most of us have desk jobs, here are five things you can do to stay fit while sitting down.


#1 – Get Up and Move:


Go for a walk. Grab a coffee, a muffin or get some water. Go outside. 

Give your legs a work out. Walk down and back up the stairs. 

Do this once every forty-five minutes.

Forty-five minutes is a good compromise if you want to have a good concentration time span and fight poor blood circulation.

I’ve tried every twenty minutes and that was too little to get work done.

One hour is OK but aim for forty-five minutes.  The repeated process of applying a very focused concentration for forty-five minutes followed by a short five-minute break is better than working hours and hours in the same position with little to no breaks.


#2 – Stretch Your Calves:


Lift up your legs on the balls of your feet and set them down. Repeat ten times and do it several times throughout the day.

This exercise stimulates the soleus muscles in your calves, which are responsible for PUMPING venous blood back into your heart.

With time, this will reduce the risk of blood clots developing in your legs.


#3 – Roll Your Ankles:


Do this regularly during your sitting time.

Do it three to five times in one direction and then the other one. Repeat with the other ankle.

This is great for boosting blood flow.


#4 – Make Sure Whatever You’re Looking at is In Front of Your Eyeballs, NOT Below Nor Above


If you’re working on a desktop computer, it should be leveled with your eyes to avoid any tension on your neck and back.

If you use a laptop, get yourself the roost stand.


#5 – Drink More Water:

 Make room for water.

It’s Mother Nature’s little gift to us.

One coffee in the morning, then water the rest of the day.

Water is good for everything, especially for improving circulation.

How about that? Ready to get healthy while sitting?

I bet you are!

Stay healthy and Zestful!

 Your friend,