15 Sep

This month, the quote is from Will Rogers who reminds us all to focus on the present, to forget the hurts and mistakes of the past, and become more aware of our every day life. 

I love this quote because it speaks to our past self. We don’t have to be trapped by what happened, or what we did. We can learn from the past today and make a better day for ourselves. We are in control of our lives. 

Forget the shame for a moment, forget your failures and start over. Learn from what went wrong and use it in your favour. 

Forget the sore calf, or the inflamed achilles tendon. Forget the discomfort. Prepare a plan to get better instead. Go easy, try something new, go swimming. 

Forget the past, it doesn’t own you. Live with your fears and take some action. 

Zestful September quote

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