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My legs hurt. Not all the time. They used to. Now, let’s say, I’m more careful with my exercising. Let’s look into some of the reasons legs hurt, and why you should use Zestful compression socks to reduce the pain. 


Do You Hear Yourself Say “My Legs Hurt” Too Often?


Your legs may hurt for a number of different reasons – we’ll deep dive into them below. But, for most of them, you don’t need to use different tool to eliminate or reduce the pain and discomfort.


Our Zestful white compression socks are great to reduce risks of deep vein thrombosis leg pain, varicose veins and spider veins. Because of their design and support, you could use our compression socks to relieve runner injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and calf strains.


Why My Legs Hurt?


In my case, my legs hurt daily. There’s always something bothering me. It all started a few years ago. After preparing and running a marathon, I played two football matches in two days. Unfortunately, the ground was hard mud and the resistance of my weight applied to it put too much pressure on my heels.


That was the beginning. My legs hurt from that point onwards. It started with Achilles tendonitis. Then, that got combined with plantar fasciitis. Sitting down, then standing up was painful.


What did I do? I didn’t do anything at first. I thought the effects would wear off. I even insisted on running more. Which was pointless. The effect didn’t get any better.


So, I tried a pair of compression socks. And I realized they could work to heal my legs. But, it wasn’t going to happen with the pair I bought. They weren’t comfortable at all and the quality was missing.


So, I developed my own brand of compression socks to offer a better experience to people with leg pain. That’s how Zestful Compression started.


Have a look at what some of our sporty customers have to say: our athletes have recognized our products’ superiority.  


Why Use Compression Socks?


For any sort of physical activity that requires intensity and repetition, compression socks are becoming the norm for athletes. You probably have noticed runners wearing knee high compression socks beside the lac nearby your home, or running on the opposite pavement.


Compression socks aren’t limited to the field of sports. In fact, compression socks were initially used mainly for people suffering from deep vein thrombosis leg pain. Chances were that if you answered positively to this question: “do you have pain in both legs?” then you would pay a visit to your doctor who would prescribe 20-30 mmHg compression socks.


Compression socks do a few things for you if you’re suffering from poor blood circulation, leg swelling, varicose veins and more importantly deep vein thrombosis. They get the blood flowing.


In the case of DVT, you become at risk when blood clots form in your arteries. Leg pain symptoms fro DVT include redness and swelling. By wearing compression socks, you’ll help relieve pain and swelling.


However, experts don’t all agree on the use of compression socks to prevent deep vein thrombosis. But, they do prevent DVT if you’re at high risk. If you’re at high risk, please visit your doctor for further advice.


When Should You Use Compression Socks?


You should use compression socks if you’re recovering from a hard workout. But, there’s more: by wearing compression socks at work, you’ll also improve your sitting/standing comfort and improve blood circulation.


When sitting, chances are your position is causing blood pooling in your lower legs. Compression socks can help improve blood circulation in sitting position. You should also get up regularly, if you’re often sitting down, in order to get blood flowing naturally.


There are simple tricks you can apply to get blood flowing when sitting down. Click here to read an article I wrote on the topic of sitting down and blood circulation.


If you’re standing a lot daily, you’ll like to wear compression socks to reduce calf pains. Compression socks 20-30 mmHg are great to evacuate acid lactate waste, that cause pains in calves. Because compression socks provide targeted support to muscles, muscle vibrations are decreased. As a result, muscles recover better.


Learn From My Mistakes


My legs hurt still to this day. As of late, groin pain is causing some turmoil. I have no idea where that comes from. A few weeks ago, it was knee pain. Six months ago, it was heel pain. It keeps reinventing itself. And every time, I beat it.


I have a “never give up” mindset when it comes to my legs and my health. I want you to feel inspired to do the same. I am 31 year-old man, so I don’t suffer from deep vein thrombosis leg pain. But, I’m actively preventing DVT from occurring in the future. 


Among things such as drinking lots of water and watching my alcohol consumption, I use compression socks 20-30 mmHg to reinforce my blood circulation, and improve muscle recovery.


Use Zestful Compression Socks


Buy a pair of white compression socks 20-30 mmHg to wear a pair of quality, and long lasting compression socks.

Our socks are specially designed to deliver a comfortable experience. We’ve combined Spandex and Nylon, sprinkled with silver fabric, to make a comfortable, elastic, an anti-bacterial product. Our socks fit like a second skin!

Because we want you to feel good, we’ve engineered our socks in such a way that our product wicks moisture. Our compression socks offer a breathable experience. And, our anti-bacterial technology enables a no-stink experience.


Do You Have Pain In Both Legs?


That’s great, because you’ll get two socks :).


After buying a pair of Zestful compression socks, let us know your thoughts on our product. Contact us here for any comments, and we’ll be glad to get back to you on very short notice.


If you have any questions you’d like to make before purchasing, please go to our contact page and send us a message. If you have questions about shipping, countries we deliver to, please head to our FAQ page. And If you would like to learn more about our brand, please go to our about page

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4 reviews for ZESTFUL White Graduated 20-30 mmHg Compression Socks

  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    A bit overpriced in the end…good quality, just don’t think they’re as good as sigvaris or skins socks…

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great socks, love the fit and the feel, ran a few times with them already and happy with the lack of soreness. I mean how often does it happen that you invested 50 bucks in a product that’s ok…just happy to get one like this for cheap and still get a good customer service, seriously the dude was really responsive and kind in his emails.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Good packaging, got here on time, I have to try the product and will update my review soon.

  4. Better than Skins, Vitalsox, CEP, the whole lot and they cost so much less, I’ll spread the world, really satisfied with the products, I got a pair for my son too!

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Our socks are made out of two polyester microfibers (Nylon and Spandex). Tested on SWISS MST IV to ensure firm compression. Washing Instructions: hand wash in warm water (100°F, 35°C), dry outside or use low temperature in drying machine, do not iron.

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