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Looking for cute compression socks for nurses? Looking for compression socks that will relieve your discomfort? Great! We have quality compression products for you, at the best price and for maximum relief. Welcome to Zestful Compression Clothing website!


Our cute Zestful Flamingo compression socks 20-30 mmHg are a great choice for nurses for several reasons. I’m going to highlight them below.


But, let’s look into some basic facts about compression socks.


If you’re a nurse and have come to this page, you may be wondering what the purpose of compression socks for nurses is?


I get it! Perhaps you haven’t ever used them but a colleague has told you all about them. Or, perhaps you do use compression socks and want to know more about Zestful Compression.


OK, read on! We’ve built this page for you.  


Why Every Nurse Should Wear Compression Socks


First of all, if you’re standing up like most nurses do, chances are you’re suffering from aches, leg swelling and other symptoms of leg fatigue. The use of compression socks can relieve all of these symptoms.


Our socks are medical compression graded socks, with the right support for nurses: 20-30 mmHg. They’re tighter than a pair of 15-20 mmHg compression socks.


To be fair, 20-30 mmHg compression socks are what you need. You don’t want moderate compression, because that will only lead to moderate results. You want firm results.


And, you need targeted, strong, and graduated compression.


3 Particularities Of Our Socks: Strong, Targeted, Graduated Compression


With our socks, compression is targeted at ankle and calf level to make sure your veins are squeezed just the right amount to get the blood flowing in order to oxygenate muscles and evacuate lactate acid generated by leg fatigue. This targeted compression relieves leg aches and heavy legs.


Compression is strong and firm: 20-30 mmHg. Compression levels are strongest at ankle (30 mmHg) and lowest at calf level (20 mmHg). We offer graduated compression (Highest compression at ankle, lowest compression at calf level) to make sure blood flows correctly back up to the heart.


The 3 particularities of our compression socks soothe achy legs, muscle fatigue, heaviness, and reduces risk of varicose veins.


Because you stand up most of the day, these socks are perfect, as:


  • Our socks have dedicated foot, ankle, and calf support knitting areas for superior protection.
  • They provide strong levels of compression for better recovery and energy.
  • Our products offer moisture wicking fabric to prevent sweat and odor development.
  • They have stylish patterns.


Our Flamingo Product: Cute Compression Socks For Nurses


That’s why we’d like to showcase our pair of flamingo patterned compression socks. They’re stylish, they’re cute and they’re certainly not over the top. We like to provide products with amazingly designed and engineered fabrics to ensure long lasting quality. We also like cute style, but we don’t favor fussy designs.


Now, we want two things for you: We want you to i) love your legs, and ii) take care of them by wearing our selection of cute compression socks for nurses.


Flamingo is the name of our pink and white patterned socks.


We find that it’s a great fit for nurses, because flamingos are unique, colorful, and vibrant beings; who like to be active and visible. However, they sometimes like to hide and be discreet in order to find the resources to start the next day on the right foot. We’ve very proudly named our socks after these unique and enthusiastic animals.


Why We Think Our Compression Socks Are The Right Fit For You?


At Zestful Compression, we sell quality compression and support clothing for powerful mobility.


The founder of Zestful overcame years of frustrating running injuries to build his own product. One that he uses for his own workout and that he urges others to use to prevent injuries, to accelerate recovery and to improve athletic performances. If you’re interested, read his story here.


Quality is our biggest focus at Zestful. When you buy from our compression brand, you’ll get the best quality, the best advice, and the best performing product.


How We Demonstrate Quality


We built our quality principles; that we infuse in every product, around 5 pillars:


No Slip Technology

  • We’ve designed our socks with specific fabric so that they would not slip down your leg. They’re not so tight that they would cause discomfort. Our socks feel like a second skin.

No Stink Technology

  • We use silver fabric technology to prevent fungus development, which eliminates the risk of bacteria and odor.

Moisture Wicking Fabric

  • Our socks are built with moisture wicking fabric to evacuate sweat and ensure a dry and comfortable feeling.

Strong Compression

  • We offer strong, graduated compression for better performances and recovery. Our socks are tight and, as such, can be hard to get on. But once they’re on, the feeling is remarkable.

Long Lasting Fabric

  • We use Spandex and Nylon and our knitting techniques to build a long lasting product. When you buy from us, we’ll offer you a one-year product guarantee.


Powerful Mobility


Move around freely, Don’t be afraid you may hurt yourself. We want you to be the best you; that person who doesn’t feel burdened by heavy legs.


Because we want every single one of our customers to experience powerful, youthful mobility, you may want to give it a go. Once you try our socks and enjoy your improved mobility, you’ll never walk alone again!


With Zestful’s cute compression socks for nurses, you can focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.


Order your cute compression socks for nurses today, and say goodbye to leg aches. Say hello to healthy legs instead!


Please refer to our size chart before buying your compression socks. We have three different sizes that take into account foot and calf dimensions. If you have bigger feet or calves, please take the larger size.


If you have any questions about our Zestful brand or our circulation socks (delivery, shipping, washing instructions) that haven’t been answered on this page, please go to our FAQ page or our About Us page to find answers to your questions. Or, send us a message. We’re always happy to meet you and exchange ideas. 

 Feel free to contact us to make suggestions to improve this page!

Stay Zestful and thanks for visiting our website!

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4 reviews for ZESTFUL Flamingo Graduated 20-30 mmHg Compression Socks

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    With a 26 mile hike in the Cotswolds for Charity in front of me – not enough training… calves that are always stiff and tight (courtesy of my Achilles tendons being too short… long story) I was dreading the burning pain that I get when walking on an incline – and yes it was pretty hilly on the day. I read about compression socks and picked up mixed reviews about whether or not they would help. Anyway, I purchased a pair… immediately went onto YouTube to find out how to put them on…. yes there is a knack to putting these socks on.

    Well… I was gobsmacked…. no discomfort… no pain and the following couple of days I had no problems with aching calves / muscles. I had anticipated problems as after doing the moonwalk I could hardly walk for two days. So, whether they work for everyone… I have no idea but for me… they were a lifesaver.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I purchased a pair of Zestful compression socks to improve my performance. I’m an active jogger and I run several times a week. A friend mentioned the use of these socks and I thought I’d try them while running.

    They’re hard to get on and offer a really snug fit. It’s still quite chilly in London, but I like the airy feeling of the socks. It doesn’t feel like my feet are sweaty at all.

    While jogging, I felt the tightness at the beginning when muscles and tissues were still warming up.

    After that, the socks became part of me. I couldn’t feel them on my skin, it was a very pleasant feeling while I ran.

    I’ve also used these socks on the week end to accelerate the recovery process and I’ve also felt improvements.

    Kudos for the socks, I will buy a new pair once the current pair wears out.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    First full day of wearing, but I think they really kept my feet and legs up and ready. I’m in the process of re-organizing my diet and exercise plans and these keep me feeling more ready-to-go. I put them on at six am and they’re still going strong at 9:30 pm. I will be ordering another pair or two.

    I like the bold solid colors, but it would be nice to have a subtle dress pattern or argyle added to the selection. . . . just sayin’

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


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Our socks are made out of two polyester microfibers (Nylon and Spandex). Tested on SWISS MST IV to ensure firm compression. Washing Instructions: hand wash in warm water (100°F, 35°C), dry outside or use low temperature in drying machine, do not iron.

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