17 Oct

The quote of the month is from the late Jim Rohn.

Don’t Wish It Were Easier…

How often do we complain about how things are because we want them to be a certain way?

I noticed I was complaining way too much lately.

About how things weren’t working exactly as I wanted them. About business. About suppliers. About relationships… 

Life isn’t easy, that’s a certainty. But, what was really going on when I wished life wasn’t that hard?

I was giving too much power to circumstances, to exterior forces.

I was giving away my abilities to take action and improve my circumstances.

Wish You Were Better

That resonates with me.

Wish you were better, work on personal improvement, instead of complaining about the situation you’re in.

If we just sit still for a second and breathe, and wonder, “How can I do better?”, we take ownership of ourselves again and we strive at becoming better, better at handling things and taking action.

If we take the small habit of asking ourselves every day, “how can I do better?” answers slowly come to us.

The magic part is that we don’t even notice it, but we’re already doing better by just asking ourselves the question.

Aim For Better, Not For Easier

Have a Zestful October!

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