About Zestful Compression And Our Athletic Compression Socks


Q: What products do we sell on zestfulcompression.com?


A: We sell athletic and medical compression socks and compression clothing in general. Apparel that provides compression is good for medicinal use such a treating varicose veins or arthritis. Compression clothing is also good for recovery after a long run or a hike and it improves athletic performance. See our full catalogue by clicking here


Q: What is Zestful Compression about?


A: Zestful Ltd. is based in Malta, a European Union member. We’ve been established since April 2016 and we’ve been selling across the US and Western Europe since the early days.

We believe in quality products that’ll transform your life in a confortable way, and we believe in fantastic customer service because we want to make you feel better. You can read more about us here

Whatever private information we get from you will stay with us, promise. There’s no sharing your email, or any other private information here. We use Amazon Payments and Paypal Secure Payments to make sure you don’t have to worry about your credit card details.

If you’d like to know more about us, we’re always happy to get to know our customers. Please call us at +45 533 45909, or send us a message here and we’ll call you back as soon as possible. 




Q: I’ve just ordered a product, how long before I receive it?


A: 3 to 5 open days.


Q: What countries do you deliver to?


A: US, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Malta, Belgium, Holland, New Zealand, Australia. If your country is not in the list, send us a message and we’ll make it happen. 


Zestful Athletic Compression Socks


Q: Is the sizing based solely on shoe size?


A: We use both shoe size and calf size to make sure you get the best fit. Please see our size page to find your best fit.


Q: What’s the best way to put my compression socks on?


A: We’ve made a really short and snappy video just for this question


Q: Do these socks breathe well or do your feet and legs get sweaty?


A: We’ve made our Zestful compression socks with moisture wicking fabric to make sure you never have wet feet. Click here to see the list of benefits of Zestful Compression Socks. 

Compression And Durability 

Q: What is the mmHg compression on these socks?


A: We only sell 20-30 mmHg compression socks. Compression is firm and tight.

Our socks offer graduated compression, so the compression is strongest at ankle level and decreases toward the knee.


Q: Are these socks more for foot/ankle protection/compression? I get shin splints real bad, so are these socks good for that?


A: Although compression is lower at calf and shin level, our athletic compression socks still provide excellent support in those areas of the leg. Our medical socks are great for treating shin splints. However, we do recommend you decrease the intensity of your jogs if you are a frequent runner in order to heal shin splints.


Q: Do these socks work on varicose &/or spider veins and when I say ‘work’ I mean do they remove them or do they just make the pain easier to bare?


A: Compression applied to your legs will help prevent varicose/spider veins and make the pain more tolerable, but no compressions socks will actually remove varicose/spider veins. We offer graduated compression in order to improve blood circulation to the heart and to provide more comfortable mobility.


Q: How long do Zestful compression socks last?


A: Depending on how often you wear them, the compression in Zestful socks is guaranteed for a year if you wore them every other day. If you put a lot of miles in and wear them everyday you can expect about 6 months before they’ll need to be replaced.

Q: Who should use compression socks?


A: We suggest the use of our compression socks to a wide range of people who sit, stand, run, hike and practice all kinds of sports. In particular, our socks are useful for nurses, executives, flying, travel, orthopedic, circulation and medical uses. 


Q: How should I wash my athletic compression socks for the best durability?


A: You should only hand wash your athletic compression socks in warm water (45° Celsius/100° Fahrenheit). Dry them in an outdoor environment. Do not iron or bleach.



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