29 Nov

While you cycle to work, applying pressure to those pedals is even better than you think it is… Cycling Benefits At Work!

If you live in a place with hills, by all means don’t even consider this, unless you don’t mind showing up in a hell of a sweat at your workplace. If your surroundings are reasonably flat, then you should at least read the next lines.

Cycling to work has at least three IMMEDIATE cycling benefits.

Let’s get the potential risks out of the way.

I’ve built a minimalistic table just for you…

So, it’s quite obvious that you don’t have much to lose if you cycle to work, except the stench of your armpits, if you’re not careful. (Wear a moisture wicking fabric t-shirt underneath your shirt, that you can remove once you get to work).

Potential downsides

Risk Level

Get hit by a car


Start work in a sweat


Glad that’s out of the way…

I’ve been fortunate enough to live in the most bicycle friendly place in the world for the past months.

Copenhagen has separate bike lanes everywhere! You can cycle for miles outside of the city and still feel incredibly safe. The city has built all the conditions to unleash the 3 most obvious cycling benefits.

It’s Amazing!


About a month ago, I met a bitter English lady who told me the only thing that kept her here is her bike and the feeling of freedom she gets from it. That’s a tad sad but it resonated with me – I’m sure she has a few friends, too.

C’mon lady!

And Copenhagen is not an exception in the world – I’ll get back to this at the end of this post.

Why This Post On Cycling Benefits?


Because, I’m eager to write any old rubbish to get your attention?

Not quite…

At Zestful Compression, we care about your health. We DO NOT claim it’s all about performance and pushing your limits to the brink of physical collapse.  

Of course, you can do that if you want to, and you can use our products to achieve your goals. However, we’d rather you spent more time preventing injuries, protecting your lower body and never compromising your mobility; because we want you to stay fit and mobile as long as possible.

Enough for the prep talk…

Cycling is a great way to exercise without applying demonic pressure on your muscles, ligaments and joints. 

I’m NOT going to share an incredibly long list of what makes cycling a fabulous option for your commute to work. I could go on all day on cycling benefits for your health and wallet…

I recently saw an article that said cycling was good for the commune because it decreases the cost of pollution and transport for the city.

That’s really nice and everything but I don’t think you really care about that, do you?

(Who does?)

I mean, that’s not my main motivation.

Let’s focus on what it’s all about for YOU.


Benefit #1: Cycle ‘Cause It Decreases Your Stress/Anxiety Levels


The obvious is that you’ll save the money you usually spend on your car or bus/train expenses. If you’re cycling to work, you won’t use the car on weekdays, you won’t spend your hard-earned cash at the gas station… You won’t get stuck in traffic, either. You wont’ hassle to find a parking spot.

These are major related car frustrations you won’t have to deal with.

Imagine that!

That’s three major worries you won’t have to add to your workload of weekly worries. Vanished! Just like that…

If you often complain you don’t have time to go to the gym, then cycling to work daily will solve that problem, too. Another miracle!

And the feeling of freedom you get by cycling, with that fresh air brushing your hair, is the topping on the cake.


Benefit #2: It’s Safer Than You Think


As long as you don’t try to cycle on the highway, it’s much safer than you think.


I mentioned this before: It is my understanding that local authorities do care about decreasing cost of operations for their communes, so they have a high interest in building cycling lanes. If more cycling lanes means more safety, then it encourages people to use bikes instead of driving to work.

And this is the trend in a lot of places.

Why wouldn’t it be?

According to an article published on wired.com,


“Studies from Denmark tell us that for every kilometre cycled, society enjoys a net profit of 23 cents, whereas for every kilometre driven by car we suffer a net loss of 16 cents.”


It is more profitable to invest in cycling infrastructure than otherwise.

And what do we like to do, as people?

Follow the money…

It’s becoming safer. It’s time to hop onto a bike and cycle to work!

This feels like the right place to introduce this article. See where your city stands on the top 20 bike friendly cities on this planet. 

Benefit #3: You’re Working Out And You Don’t Even Know It!


I’ll always remember my teen days where cycling to the local park in the South of England was my summer daily habit. It was fun!

And it still can be…

Sure! You got to watch out for other bikes and respect the rules of the road – you can’t exactly zigzag your way to work in a crazy, youthful way, can you?  

But you’re still out and about, moving those legs and getting some fresh air.

And you know what happens when it’s fun?

You don’t even notice you’re actually exercising. That’s the great benefits of cycling for weight loss. 



On top of saving the money you’d pay for the gym’s membership, you’re also saving precious hours because you’re using the time you go to work to stay in shape; and you’re not spending extra hours outside of your work routine to get in shape.


To wrap it up, cycling is:

– An extra calorie-burn activity.

– Great for your muscles and joints. There are benefits of cycling vs running. 

– Amazing for your brain.


Most bike friendly places are located in Europe. If you live in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, Strasbourg, Berlin, or Barcelona, it might be worth your while to start cycling to work. If you’re in Copenhagen, you’re probably already cycling to work, like half of the city does…and enjoying all the cycling benefits!

What is your opinion on commute? And cycling benefits? Any objections to the points built in this post? Is there anything you’d like to add in the comments below?

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